Who We Are

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Our Services

We are a Rwandan based business law firm. Our lawyers have a particular expertise for legal services relating to mergers and acquisitions, banking and insurance law, financing transactions, private equity, commercial and corporate law, taxation, labour law and litigation in these sectors. In addition, our law firm and our lawyers are also known for their cutting edge expertise in IT law (including internet, e-commerce), intellectual property law, media and tourism law.
The rapid development of our Rwandan law firm is due essentially to the high professional standards we apply in the firm and to the professional qualifications and personal dedication of our lawyers, consultants and staff.

Our Mission Statement

As a Rwandan business law firm, our main objective is to provide innovative, high value added, cost-effective and timely legal solutions to facilitate the achievement of the business objectives of our domestic and international clients.

Our Values

We are a team of women and men working in harmony and using the law and our creativity as tools to help our clients attain their objectives. The capacity to listen, rigor, reactivity, conviviality, perseverance, ethics, respect and pleasure are the values that we feel strongly for and that are, as lawyers, at the heart of our commitment to our clients.